In exchange for this tuition-free comprehensive arts program, students agree to meet attendance, behavior, and community service requirements.


1. Attendance:

    • Students are allowed 3 absences per semester. Instructors will take attendance each class at the 15-minute mark. If students miss class for a 4th time, they will be put on probation and may be dismissed from the program. Spots are valuable and will be given to those on the waitlist if enrolled students are dismissed.


2. Behavior:

    • Clarissa Creative Foundation classes are a place where everyone is welcome. Our values are excellence, positivity, and giving back. Each person is unique and is shaped from different life experiences. Our studios are safe spaces where students can learn, explore, express themselves, make friends, and have fun while creating art. We hold all students to a high standard of behavior. Students and families will treat themselves, other students/families, teachers, staff, and guests with politeness, kindness, acceptance, and respect. This includes the language (in person, writing, or on social media) and actions of all members. Students are expected to listen to demonstrations and participate in meditation. Individuals who do not meet these expectations will be asked to meet with Program Staff and may be placed on probation or removed from the program.
    • In the studio, students will set up and clean up their own workstations. Students will treat each other’s work with respect and not touch any artwork except their own. Students will engage in constructive critique and not criticism. Students are expected to care for and not waste the artist-grade supplies. Students may not remove supplies from the classroom without permission.


3. Community service:

    • Giving back is one of our core founding values. In exchange for a tuition-free arts program, each student will give back to the community through service and performance. Students are required to perform 5 hours of community service per semester. These hours may double as high school service hours. Students who do not meet the community service requirement will be dismissed from the program.