Clarissa Creative Foundation awards students in grades 6 – 12
one semester of tuition-free Visual Arts instruction.

Select students may qualify to be admitted into the multi-year Advanced program.


Our Foundation will accept applications from families who are economically or socially disadvantaged (as defined below). Eligible applicants are invited to an open house screening day, and will receive notice of admission status within 2 weeks.

1. Economic disadvantage is defined by having a parent who qualifies for one of the following government programs:

    • Medi-Cal/Medicaid
    • Medi-Cal for Families A & B
    • Women, Infants & Children (WIC)
    • CalWORKs or Tribal TANF
    • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
    • CalFresh
    • National School Lunch Program
    • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
    • Supplemental Security Income

2. Social disadvantage is defined as a student who attends a continuation middle or high school with no access to the arts, a foster youth, or a child who has a parent or sibling with cancer.

The Foundation requires attendees to meet attendance, behavioral, and community service requirements to remain in the program. Proof of economic or social disadvantage is required with the application.