Attendance Policy

Welcome to Clarissa Creative Foundation (CCF)! We have built a tuition-free, comprehensive arts program with tremendous opportunities for personal and artistic growth. Our entire Board and staff is committed to providing you with the educational services that you will need to progress. We also need your commitment of consistent attendance and diligent effort to make our partnership a success. If you must skip a class, we ask that you notify us as far in advance as possible. Consistent attendance is important to the success of our program. We have developed specific procedures to clarify our expectation of your attendance. We ask you to follow the procedures listed below. I understand and agree to the following related to attendance of my art program:

  • I understand that consistent attendance of art classes is critical to improvement and progress.
  • I believe that attending weekly art class is a commitment I am ready to make.
  • I understand that if the commitment or transportation becomes difficult for me to meet I will discuss it with the instructor and we can work toward a solution.
  • I will notify CCF of planned absences or vacations in advance.
  • I understand that I may only miss 3 classes before being put on probation. If I miss a 4th class, I may lose my spot in the program.
  • If I “no show” for 3 classes, I automatically forfeit my spot in the program.


Volunteer Policy

  • I understand that giving back is a core value of this program.
  • I understand that in exchange for receiving a tuition-free arts education, I will give back to the community.
  • I understand that the volunteer commitment is 5 hours per semester.
  • I agree to participate in the volunteer opportunities for 5 hours.
  • The volunteer opportunities and dates will be posted before the program begins in August.